The following pages provide information about sustainable gardening. In particular, this page includes some advice about composting, mulching, watering and garden design. Other pages linked to this site provide information about indigenous plants.

There is also a page listing the top 10 plantation plants for various soil types and the top 10 indigenous plants for garden cultivation.

It is illegal to remove native plants from the bush. Most, if not all, the plants listed here can be purchased in the nurseries listed below.

An indigenous plant is a native plant but a native plant is not necessarily indigenous to a particular area. When some natives have been introduced to other parts of Australia they have become weeds. For instance, Cootamundra Wattle is not a problem around Cootamundra but in the area around Bendigo it is regarded as a weed.

Fortunately, there are several indigenous plant nurseries in the region. One of the biggest and best as far as the home gardener is concerned is Goldfields Revegetation Nursery in Mandurang, a suburb of Bendigo.

There are also several nurseries which specialise in providing indigenous trees and shrubs for farm and roadside plantations.

Local Landscaping Business Support

There is even a nursery on the outskirts of Echuca which specialises in native grasses (Ko-warra Native Grasses). Tim Barden of Ko-warra Native Grasses is propagating a variety of Weeping Grass (Microlaena stipioides) which has great potential for lawns, requiring only about half as much water as conventional lawns. He is also propagating an even hardier native grass, Red grass, (Bothriochloa macra).

With severe water restrictions, many residents of the region are turning to plants which require less water and which can survive dry periods. Once established, many indigenous plants perform well and it is the intention of these pages to help promote indigenous plants suitable for garden cultivation.

A mistake that many people make is planting trees and shrubs which become too large for the garden in which they are planted. Some are planted far too close to boundary fences and a lot of money may have to be spent pruning or removing them. Some people plant shrubs and trees far too close together.

Care must be taken to plant sand-loving plants on sandy soil, clay-loving plants in clay areas and so on. Soil type, elevation and aspect must all be taken into consideration.

Garden Plant Nurseries

Neangar Nursery
McClelland Drive, EAGLEHAWK
Ph. (03) 5446 9260
Mobile: 0419 712 701

Rochester Native Nursery 6708 Northern Highway ROCHESTER
(03) 5484 3777

Billabong Gardens Complex
Wanganui Road SHEPPARTON
Phone (03) 5821 8632

Suntuff Native Plant,
1220 Bacchus Marsh Road BULLENGAROOK
limited range of water-wise plants; open by appointment (03) 5428 9369

Farm Plant Nurseries

K and B Haw
Venns Creek Nursery
Yando Road BOORT

McKindlays Riverine Nursery
2220 Perricoota Road MOAMA
Phone (03) 5483 6240

Agri-Tree Nursery
Phone (03) 5768 2397

Australian Native Farm Forestry
Cnr Chapel and Fields Roads COBRAM
Phone 5873 5444

Billabong Gardens Complex
Wanganui Road SHEPPARTON
Phone (03) 5821 8632

Goulburn Valley Tree Group
Phone (03) 5824 2304

Goldfields Revegetation
Phone (03) 5439 5384

Kowarra Native Grasses
(Native grasses plus indigenous trees and shrubs)
Echuca-Mitiamo Road ECHUCA Phone (03) 5480 9778

Rochester Native Nursery
6708 Northern Highway ROCHESTER
Phone (03) 5484 3777

Other farm plant nurseries
(pdf file on Greening Australia site)